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Why Localized Visual Content Generates Value in Online Advertising

by UL on November 15, 2019

Exponential growth on the internet has provided the challenge and need for immediate connection to consumers by advertisers.

Visual content such as pictures give the audience the best experience and help the brand to utilize the emotional appeal to reach out to the consumers. Initially, the use of visual content meant generating and use of several images to create an appeal to the brand.

However, current audiences are no longer interested in scrolling lengthy advertisements to learn about a brand. Consumers forgo text descriptions and sales pitches and prefer the visual appeal of a brand interacting with them.

Use of localized visual content therefore helps a brand stand out by using relatable, personal and cohesive experiences. Custom content reflects the feel and look of a localized setting and is unique from generic material. The current consumers cherish the experience. An ad that engages the needs, lifestyle and view of the target audience is more likely to boost conversions.

The consumer relates the ad to the value of a brand on a subconscious level that is triggered by the look and experience of the ad. We at ChiStockImages realize that over 90% of consumers relate to customized and personalized content from brands. We therefor strive to tailor content that is relevant and that feels personal to a specific brand and relevant community.

The authentic stock photos created are diverse and capture the various aspects and can hence be easily fine-tuned for a customized appeal to a specific target group. The visuals used are based on the audience personas that provides the framework for marketing a specific brand.

Data from a specific market provides the guidelines that are used to segment and target a specific group of consumers who are most likely to become customers.

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