Stock photo of architectural building in Near North Side, Chicago.

Top Design Trends to Watch in 2023

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As we move into 2023, there are a few design trends that we predict will become more popular. One of these is the use of unique and locally sourced stock photography.

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing trend toward using real-life city and neighborhood images in the design, as opposed to illustrations or other graphics. This is because familiar photography can help to create a more realistic and relatable aesthetic, which is often what brands are striving for. To connect at the most basic, local level.

In addition, stock photography is generally more affordable than commissioning original artwork, making it a more budget-friendly option for many businesses.

So, if you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve in 2023, we recommend keeping an eye out for assets that incorporate locally sourced stock photography, such as

This trend is only going to become more popular in the coming year, so it’s a good idea to start familiarising yourself with it now.


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