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Social Media Content Planning How to Find Content

by UL on October 27, 2019

One of the most powerful marketing tools of today’s world is Social media. It is a great way of connecting with audience and customers with minimum effort.

This is something that can’t be ignored while you are planning or marketing your strategy. If you have not invested money and time in it, this is the time to get started and take your planning to the next level. How to find content It takes a lot of time and effort to find the new content while planning for the social media content.

There is a need to improve the workflow and find the quality content. There are freely available tools which can make your job easier and efficient. So much can be achieved in less time with the help of these tools. There are many tools and best practices to help you with your social media planning strategy. Custom Designed Social Posts If you are not a designer and need to create a well designed social media post, you can still do that with the help of online available tools.

These tools are there to help you to find and create amazing content. You can change the content according to your needs and desires. Custom Video Content There is no need to have a professional video editor to create social media video content. You can easily find the video content and edit them according to your requirements. These templates can directly be edited in the desktop browser.

Moovly can freely be used for 30 days for this easy drag and drop content finding and creating purpose. RSS Feeds This is a great tool to find the quality content for your social media content planning. Normally, it is very hard to find the quality content of your interest. If this tool used correctly, finding quality articles relevant to your field becomes a very easy task.

The first step to find related articles is to identify which blog you want to keep track of. To aggregate all of your RSS feeds, these two free tools can be used. Feedly This tool provides the suggestions on your field related popular articles and blogs. In this way, the quality content related to your field or industry can easily be found. It also tells the trending content, to make your content optimized. So, this definitely is a time saver.

Feeder This is another online available tool. It is basically an alert system that keeps you up-to-date with new content from your favorite platforms or blogs. When there is a need to find the content that is to be shared daily, it is especially useful. It also offers a Google extension and their app is very useful and a genuine time-saver.

The new content or blogs can be checked on both, the desktop and mobile. Now we will look at the popular places where social media content can be found very easily. Places To Find the Social Media Content To meet consumer demands, there is a constant need to find the right content.

Here we will look at the 8 websites that provide the rich content and make the job of finding the content easy and efficient.

1. Mention It is like Google Alerts on steroids. Subscribers create alerts and these are called mentions. The alerts are created using the keywords. Mention is available to be used for both, desktop and mobile. A free plan allows the user to create one alert. Premium plans start at $10 per month.

2. This is the marketplace to find the infographics which is a very trendy form of social content. The comprehensive database consists of both infographics and videos, covering a wide variety of topics including food, business, travel, how-to and humor.

3. Topsy This is a real-time search engine. Topsy finds content from within social media. Searchers can discover information consisting of links, photos, tweets and videos by using keywords. Topsy also have a social analytics engine that shows tweets per day based on keywords. It is done by using the social trends on the most popular topics being discussed at any given time.

4. BrainyQuote The quote is one of the favorite types of platforms and the best place to find these quotes is BrainyQuote. Users can locate quotes based on specific topics such as inspirational, funny and family.

5. Publishers are its main users who create content around a given subject. The recommendation engine is a great source for finding content resources. You just enter a keyword and this tool searches an extensive list of sources that includes Google (news, blogs and videos), Twitter, SlideShare, YouTube and more.

6. SlideShare SlideShare is the largest community of the world for presentations sharing and other professional content. Just visit the homepage of SlideShare, you will find the top trending presentations, categorized by topic.

7. YouTube YouTube is one of the greatest platforms that have content in the shape of unlimited videos on any topic. Just search anything and you will see a large number of search results. Vimeo, DailyMotion, Vimeo and are some of the other similar resources to find the video content of your choice.

8. Pocket This is a kind of content resource that is used to store the content to be read later on. The users can find posts, videos, articles and other media directly from their browser. Later on, the saved content can be shared to Facebook, Buffer and Twitter.

Final words Content in every shape is the king of the web.

Finding the required information in the shape of content is not a simple task. It is not because the content is not available. The problem is that there is too much available on the web.

The tools and techniques can make it simple as well as efficient to get what is needed quickly and efficiently. Every tool and technique has its own benefits.

The key is to figure out and use the best techniques to get the desired content and results.

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