Royalty Free Stock Photo License

All photos and images on ChiStockImages are licensed royalty-free.

Royalty-free means that once you purchase the image, you can use it in whatever way you intend without any further payment or share of income from your use of the image, and without the need to cite your source of the image.

If you plan on selling, license or redistribute your product or design, some restrictions apply.

      1. Sale or redistribution of: Gift wrapping, posters, post cards, calendars, stickers, tshirts/clothing, mouse pad, playing cards, keychain. NOT ALLOWED
      2. Sale or redistribution of: Folders, Notebooks, Pen or Pencil and other stationery, board game/entertainment product, cup, mug, glass, other promotional items NOT ALLOWED
      3. Sale or redistribution of: Any form of digital design template, e.g. for website designs, advert banner templates, PowerPoint/flash/etc presentation templates. Phone/computer wallpapers or screensavers. Logo or emblem for a company, product or service NOT ALLOWED
      4. Sale or redistribution of: Desktop or mobile software, Film or video clip, any other digital design NOT ALLOWED
      5. Resale of the image as is, via stock photography platforms or other medium NOT ALLOWED