Importance of Authentic Stock Photography

on December 12, 2019 in All Blog Posts, Marketing Articles

Have you ever noticed the same photograph used by several companies even with no connection with themselves at all?

If the answer is yes (and we know it is), then you have spotted one of the most common problems with regular stock photography, the image over-usage.

Since Stock Photography works under a royalty-free model, there is a huge probability that any other business will be using the same images as you. Marketing has evolved quite interestingly in the last couple of years, demanding data oriented skills and more intelligent content in order to reach audiences in the most efficient ways possible. And speaking of marketing, there is a discipline that has a close relationship with it, Photography.

When it comes to commercial photography, not everything has to be done from scratch, and there is always the possibility of using Stock Photography. Chicago has turned to be a really cool place for the creative industry to bloom, so if you are a start-up or a freelancer in the zone this will be a very helpful thing for you to know.

After working a couple of years in the marketing industry we started noticing that there is an excessively usage of certain images for some billboards and advertisements, even for digital marketing efforts and oh gosh, for complete campaigns as well. If we think about the photographers that made those images, well, they should be very happy of receiving such interesting levels of demand, but for business this could not be helpful at all, especially if they try to showcase themselves as the most innovative and trendy thing out there.

Companies have become more and more human with the years, and that requires to showcase real stuff. So, if you are based in Chicago, it makes sense that you show real (and high quality) images Chicago as well as people that reflect that special thing about the city as well. Using unique imagery is not enough for making some good engagement for any business, therefore people should be aware of the trends as well.

Today we want to share the three most trendy image styles to look for when selecting Chicago Stock Photographs: Colors Pastel colors that make things look more friendly and vintage have been a trend since some years ago, and they are still pretty trendy, especially among startups in Chicago.

If you are a photographer willing to deliver images with purpose, keep this in mind. And whether you are large enough or not for having marketing division in your business, try ask for images that have some relationship with this trend that has been around for a while now. LifeStyle And speaking about making things more human, there is one big trend right now, the Lifestyle trend.

Companies in Chicago have started to take and mimic images that reflect pretty much the vast amount of stuff that many influencers and Instagramers publish every day. This stuff is not some random assembly, it has a name and it is called “Life Style”. People showcasing a particular lifestyle has become a huge trend among the best stock images out there because they depict authentic people doing real stuff in everyday situations. Just like these companies’ average clients.

City At Chicago we have one of the richest architectural styles in the world and is something we definitely can brag about without any problem. These images can’t be generic because it is competently nonsense to promote a business based in Chicago (especially fresh startups that are focused in the urban area) with random images from a different city. At Chi Stock Photos we have a lot of city and architecture-oriented images that you can use to reflect the unique identity that makes our city and people unique.

Stock Photography is one of the biggest gifts of the current state of photography, but we can’t guarantee your success simply by using top rated or good looking images. Every decision you make that has to do with your business, it must be done in a smart way. We can’t give you the secret recipe for making skyrocketing your sales, but we can be sure of one thing, and that is that every business should showcase themselves with the best images their budgets can allow.

If you are a Chicago based photographer feel free to become a contributor and make your images turn into money. And if you are a business in Chicago, keep your visual assets up to date and unique thanks to our vast amount of images at