Vibrant Hues Over Chicago: Skyline View from East Garfield Park in Rich Saturation

Community: East Garfield Park
Neighborhoods:  East Garfield Park,   Fifth City, 
Side: West Side
Season: Spring
Orientation: Aerial Horizontal
Image Id: 38701
File Size: 20.7 MB
Dimensions: 6000 x 4500 Pixels
Resolution: 300 dpi
License Type: Royalty-Free
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An aerial capture presents Chicago in a palette of enhanced colors. From the cerulean sky dotted with cotton-like clouds to the verdant green parks and tree-lined streets, the scene is a display of nature’s brilliance against the city’s skyline. Golden-yellow hues coat the residential areas, making the entire cityscape pop with an autumnal vibrancy. This photograph is a celebration of East Garfield Park’s perspective, tinted in the delightful tones of a clear, sunlit day

Pictured Building(s):

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