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Disrupting Stock Photograph

by UL on October 27, 2019

Photography remains important to every aspect of commerce, its demand is both essential and increases every day regardless of the season and with technological improvements and advances which have made photography much cheaper and easier. its value is essential for branding and the media companies that publish them to communicate and connect with their customers.

However, sometimes it’s always difficult to find commercially useful pictures. Therefore, it’s clear that the worst nightmare facing photographers is the issue of utility facing publishers (“Disrupting the $14B Business of Photography – Tom Zimberoff – Medium”, 2018).

We might make assumptions by relating to photo agency consolidation through digital image capture, the conjunction of out-sourcing with the World Wide Web and social media, to underserved publishers and the challenges they face while trying to make a living from photography (“Disrupting the $14B Business of Photography – Tom Zimberoff – Medium”, 2018).

Currently, photographers are having enormous challenges in their daily profession including payment and acquiring of licenses. Additionally, middlemen have invaded the industry causing competition to professional photographers which have made difficult for them to earn a living through photography (“Disrupting the $14B Business of Photography – Tom Zimberoff – Medium”, 2018).

Recently, in attempts to make photography markets better, new stock markets have been introduced creating employment at the same time has created a platform between sellers and buyers. Also, it regulates prices for photographic work thus providing a fair trade between photographers and buyers, furthermore it prevents overuse of individual photographs thus preventing buyers’ brand identities (“Disrupting the $14B Business of Photography – Tom Zimberoff – Medium”, 2018).

In sum, the emergencies of new industries and technologies in the modern world have apparently come along with their perceived opportunities which have presented opportunities and challenges in all industries including the photography sector.

Therefore, it is pretty significant for individuals inevitably adapt to this changes through enhancing advertising and branding efforts in order to fully compete with the current existing trend.

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