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There is a need in the industry for more authentic images of Chicago neighborhoods.

The plethora of downtown and loop images representing the city is seemingly oversaturated. Furthermore, most stock images of Chicago today are produced by visiting photographers – both professional and amateur.

Our goal is to create a platform that elevates Chicago photographers and develops tools for consumers to find the right images faster.

Why ChiStockImages

Brands are looking for authentic images of Chicago, but find them challenging to come by. This is where ChiStockImages creates an incredible opportunity for local photographers with stock libraries of great images.

What We Do

ChiStockImages helps in sourcing, producing, and selling Authentic Chicago stock images and enables local photographers to stand out from the crowd by representing their love for the city.

Who We Are Looking For

We’re looking for local photographers who reside in Chicago, who can capture authentic city photos in all of Chicago’s diverse lifestyles, architecture, landscapes, etc. This way, web visitors can enjoy a more comprehensive, authentic selection of choices for their Chicago stock photo needs.

How We Work

We hope to make the process of curating your gallery of local neighborhood images as friction-less as possible. That’s why we utilize dashboard tools and 3rd party add-ons so you can focus more on shooting and less on tagging and organizing your work.

How We Share Profit

We share splits of 50% or more. For each license a customer purchases, contributors can earn a royalty based on a percentage of the purchase price. The ChiStockImages dashboard lets you track all your sales and licenses in real time.

We Do Have a Few Rules

You need to know some rules before start selling on ChiStockImages. It would be best if you reside within the Chicago metro area. We do not require image exclusivity. To get a maximum commission, we do ask that beyond the personal site and art galleries, all content uploaded to ChiStockImages is not licensed through another agency, although you can.

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