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Community & Neighborhood Photo Collections

Discover Chicago's diverse neighborhoods with our exclusive, royalty-free, and licensable photo library, captured by local photographers.

Experience the historic charm of Hyde Park and the vibrant energy of Uptown, immersing yourself in the unique character of each area through the eyes of those who know it best.

Uncover Chicago with Our Map Search

Explore the city like a local with our interactive map search, curated by Chicago's own photographers.

Zero in on images by location, providing you with a firsthand glimpse of Chicago's architectural wonders and picturesque views, all from the perspective of local talent.

Building & Landmark Search

Browse through Chicago's architectural majesty with our comprehensive collection, featuring royalty-free and licensable photos of over 500 buildings, ranging from world-famous landmarks to cherished local cornerstones.

See the unique character of each structure, from the towering Sears Tower to the grand Chicago Theatre, through detailed entries that include construction start dates, architects' names, architectural styles, floor counts, alternative names, full street addresses, and engaging narratives, bringing the city's iconic skyline and streetscapes to life right before your eyes.

Advanced Filter Search

Sharpen your search with our customizable filter options.

Tailor your exploration to find the precise Chicago scene you're after, whether it's a specific mood, or a particular atmosphere.

Adjust filters based on image orientation, season, community, neighborhood, city side, specific keywords, or even by building, ensuring you discover the exact vibe or view you're looking for.

The Season Collections

Embrace the ever-changing landscape of Chicago's seasons. Marvel at the vibrant explosion of colors as spring awakens in Millennium Park, and feel the crisp air of autumn as it paints the city in hues of orange and red.

Lose yourself in the summer's lively buzz along the lakefront, and wander through the magical winter wonderland that envelops Navy Pier.

Chicago Aerial Photo Library

Elevate your Chicago exploration with our aerial search feature.

Discover top views of the city's iconic skyline, the scenic shores of Lake Michigan, and the captivating urban layout from a bird's-eye view.

Our specialized aerial search offers unmatched perspectives, making it easy to find breathtaking aerial images of Chicago for your projects or personal collection.

Chicago Skyline View & Search

Discover the stunning 2024 Chicago skyline with our dedicated search tool.

Experience the awe-inspiring cityscape, highlighted by the twinkling lights of the Hancock Center and the elegant design of the Aqua Tower.

Our platform provides easy access to magnificent images of Chicago's architectural marvels, ensuring you find the perfect view of the city's iconic landmarks in 2024.

The Chicago Streets Collection

Check out the vibrant essence of Chicago street photography with our curated collection.

Dive into the lively ambiance of Avondale Avenue and the colors of Beverly through our photographs. Each image vividly encapsulates the dynamic spirit and pulsating rhythm of Chicago's streets, offering a genuine glimpse into the city's urban life. Perfect for enthusiasts and professionals seeking the heart of Chicago street scenes in their visuals.

The Chicagoans. A Collection.

Dive into the soul of Chicago with our collection of Chicagoans. Experience the city's dynamic vitality through genuine moments of joy, thoughtfulness, and the everyday rush. Each image unveils a singular story of the varied and spirited people who make Chicago their home, highlighting the unique character and diversity that define the city's essence.

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